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Rusi Pipes - Smooth Light Diblin pipe

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  • Brand: Rusi Pipes
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  • Available Date: Dec 02, 2019
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Product Details

About the Pipe

I love smoking pipes and i make pipes with dedication and touch in the details I insist that my pipes are exelent , pretty and durable smoking accesoires The stamp of Rusi is a guarantee for quality .

This is Rusen Rusenov aka Rusi Smooth Light Diblin pipe .
Length: 130 mm
Height : 45mm
Weight: 35 grams 
Chamber size: 19x34 mm conical chamber

The bowl is made of Algerian briar . Many many top pipe makers use this briar and think it's the best. And I agree with them. Algerian briar is always well-cooked, dry and smokes very cool and tasty .
I use only natural products for the finish of my pipes - this ensures that no harmfull or chemical rasins or coating is used . The final finish is pure Carnauba wax that is a bio product .

The stem is made of quality German ebonite .

The pipe has absolutely perfect engineering:

1. Precise drilling of the air chanel and the stemm wich is drilled with conical chanel, and ends a deep and wide V - slot
2. Wide and deep V-slot in the stem polished inside
3.Polished shank bore and polished stem bore
4. No space under the tenon in the mortise
5. A pipe cleaner is well passed through into the bowl
6. Every Rusi pipe have delrin tennon and delrin insert into shank , that assure that even after years of use , the pipe fut will remain same , exact and will not loose or tight .It is posible even to open the pipe hot , without make any harm on the fit .
7. The inside of the pipes air chanel and stemm , is carefully polished and have no edjes , and that assure dry and easy draw , without interupting the air flow , durind the smoke
this is VERY IMPORTANT for exelent smoking exprience and cool and dry smoke .

The bowl has enough thick walls for comfortable handling, but the pipe weight is small enough for leaving it in teeth. The tenon is made of delrin, so you may turn the stem out whenever you need, without waiting the pipe cools down.
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