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Roman Kovalev Pipes
Roman Kovalev Pipes
Roman Kovalev Pipes (Opened on Sep 27, 2016)
In 2012, my attention was attracted by the unusual beauty of lacquer work of Japanese artists with varnish Urus. This is the traditional Japanese art of lacquering of wood products. By chance I saw a video where the master lecturing composition of pieces of mother of pearl and joined together this varnish. Varnish and served as a binder, and at the same time a magnificent finish. This gave me the idea for the polymerization of little use in the case of pipe materials. This varnish I did not use, but this technique was the starting point in my experiments with polymers. The idea of creating essentially its own, unique material for use in decorating tubes found an outlet in the polymer compositions, which can now be seen on my tubes. At first, I began to read all the available information on polymers and technology to work with them. Beyond that began long search for the desired polymer. Very stringent requirements. It should not be toxic, should be heat resistant, have high transparency initially, and sufficient hardness. And also a high coefficient of thermal expansion when heated. I worked for a long time up buying all new polymers, conducting experiments, and threw all. Each time the result was below my desires. After about six months of trial and error, I picked the perfect option for my needs. Some time was spent on honing polymer impregnation technology. The polymer, which I use, has been developed for the production of fuselages and wings of light aircraft. It has high hardness and high elasticity at the same time. The polymerization process itself is made in a special vacuum chamber, where the material is placed and filled polymer. Then, using a vacuum pump, air is evacuated. And for an hour the polymer penetrates into the pores and voids of the material. Then, in the chamber with a compressor, injected overpressure 5 atmospheres for 24 hours and the initial polymer solidification occurs. After that, already hardened piece I put in a thermal camera. And within 48 hours there is a final curing material at 60 degrees Celsius. Vacuum and thermal camera of my own design. Specific requirements for the vacuum chamber. It must maintain a vacuum and an overpressure in hold 5 atmospheres. For painting I use polymer coloring powders from natural stone. Materials for the polymerization of my very different. The tusks of the mammoth and walrus, whale bone, rhino horn, various trees, moss, leaves, tobacco, dinosaur bones, coffee, silk cocoons, mushrooms ...

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Roman Kovalev Pipes Others, Russia Opened on
Sep 27, 2016