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MichailKyriazanos Others, Greece
Michail Kyriazanos Pipes
Michail Kyriazanos Pipes
Michail Kyriazanos Pipes (Opened on Sep 27, 2016)
I was born in Athens in 1989, and raised in Paros island, where I still live and make my pipes. Even as a small child, I showed a strong aptitude for both handcrafting as well as quickly mastering the use of a wide variety of hand tools. It was natural for me, to craft my first smoking pipe, so I started it as a hobby on November 2010. Simply cause I like to craft things that I use in my life. Design is a key factor to me, I've always believed that objects gain their beauty both from their form and functionality. The importance of functionality and non-superfluous aesthetics are the most important elements in crafting a good pipe. That's what my logo symbolize, It's a modern twist on Cycladic Art Figurines which are the world's first -consciously made- minimalist sculptures. The briar part is made from top grade, properly dried briar wood mostly harvested from Greek territory with "less is more" always in my mind so it have only the right amount of material left on the pipe. Stems are made from German ebonite with integral and are considered by me the most important factor in a really high-grade pipe not only because is the only part that comes in touch with the smoker, but also for the final look of a pipe. There isn't anything more crucial in the final pipe's design than a sharp designed handmade stem with a nice mirror shine. It can destroy the whole image of the pipe if not right, it's a detail that is really important. Right tapering, shiny finish, V-shaped and smoothed slot is the features that have to be there.

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Michail Kyriazanos Pipes Others, Greece Opened on
Sep 27, 2016