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sandahlpipe Minnesota, United States
Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes
Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes
Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes (Opened on Oct 21, 2016)
I began making pipes in 2011, only shortly after I started smoking a pipe. Once I had made my first, it didn't take me long before I made another. Slowly, but surely, my workshop grew from a hand drill and sandpaper to where it is 5 years later with 3 lathes and just about any other tool a pipe maker could need. Having had a love for classical music, I have found myself drawn to classic pipe shapes both for my own smoking preference and also to make. Just like playing a Beethoven Sonata, making a classic pipe shape takes discipline and careful attention to detail. My creative inspiration comes from a love for nature, especially the outdoors. Having grown up hunting, fishing, and watching birds, I enjoy using the pipe as a medium to reflect lines of birds and fish, and the textures that remind me of the rugged tree bark and mountain rocks that I enjoy. Each pipe that I create is unique. As a perfectionist by nature, I find myself striving to improve upon my last piece whether I'm turning a billiard on the wood lathe, or shaping a blowfish freehand. My numbering system shows the progression of my work even throughout the year. Although I try not to copy the shapes that others create, I cannot deny the influence of many carvers who have both helped me get to this place, and who have inspired me to engage my artistic vision in a new way. Walt Cannoy has mentored me from very early on and allowed me to spend a few days in his shop learning. I have also found the pipe makers forum quite helpful. I very much look up to the Danish aesthetic as well as its Japanese and Russian counterparts.

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Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes Minnesota, United States Opened on
Oct 21, 2016