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How to Buy?

Buyer Dashboard Overview



Its easy!

Think of PIPEHUB.COM as a mall. It’s one location but with many stores inside. And just like a mall, you can do all the window shopping your heart desires from the outside, but to truly appreciate what’s being offered, you have to go inside. If you would like to just look around at all of the amazing products listed by sellers from all over the world, go ahead! 

No user account is necessary to browse. However if you would like to make a purchase or gain access to a ton of amazing features, you must create a buyer account. It’s simple, click on the SIGN UP button in the top right of any page, and then fill out the NEW USER section of the form. Follow the instructions as you are prompted and you’re done! You now have access to the BUYER tab dashboard where you can manage all of your buyer features and keep track of all your purchases!

Here is a full list of the supplier dashboard menu items found along the left hand side of the screen and a description of each feature.


Manage Your Followings 



Manage Your Sent Offers



Here you can control your user profile settings. You will find your profile photo here, your personal information, your custom store tax (this is non mandatory store tax that will get charged on every item you sell no matter where the buyer is from. If you would like to deactivate this tax, set the value to 0.) Finally this is where you will set your PayPal which is where your payments will come to and be sent from.


Here you can keep track of all you sent and received messages.


This is where you will find a list of your followed KEYWORDS and SHOPS as well as your followings EMAIL SETTINGS. After you have done a search on the website, you always have the option of adding that search phrase to your list of followed keywords by simply clicking FOLLOW THIS SEARCH under the search bar. Now whenever an item is listed by any seller on the website, you will receive an email notification alerting you that an item was listed with your followed keyword phrase. Similarly, you can follow any shop on the platform. Just click FOLLOW SHOP on any shop page and that shop will be added to your followed shop list. Now, whenever that shop lists a new item you will similarly receive an email notifying you of the new listing. Finally from the email setting you can choose how often you want to be notified with these email notification. You can either set it to instantly to be notified right away when an item matching your criteria is listed, or you can set it to once a day to receive an email once a day with what’s been listed in the past 24 hours based on your followings.


Here you can keep track of all the offers you have sent. You can see which offers are still pending and awaiting a response from the seller. You can click the countered tab and see all the offers which have been countered by sellers and from there you can go in and respond to their counter offer. You can also see all of your offers that have been accepted. Finally you can also see all of the offers which have been declined by sellers. If an offer has been declined, you can always try making another one.


Here you will be able to see all the recent activity from the shops you recently viewed.


Here you can keep track of all your purchases. This is also where you go to initiate returns or se any of your order details.


This is the same button as the eyeball icon on the top of the dashboard pages as well. This will lead you to where all of your watch lists are. Whenever you click on a heart icon which is in the top right corner of all product thumbnails, that item will be added to your watch list. If you would like to create multiple watch lists you can do that from this page, or you can do that by clicking the list icon in the top left corner of the product thumbnail and then naming the new list you’d like to create.


Here you can keep track of your addresses which you will use at checkout. You should create a billing address, and if your shipping address is different than your billing address, you should create a shipping address as well.


Here you can keep track of and manage all the orders you have initiated cancelations on.


Here you can keep track of and manage all of the orders you have requested returns for.


This is where you can change your login password.


Here is where you can change your email address. This is the address where you will receive all communication from PIPEHUB.COM. This includes messages from the admin, site newsletters, your shop and keywords followings notifications, and new offer notifications when buyers make offers on your products.