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Darko Milovanovic - Gilo pipes
Darko Milovanovic - Gilo pipes
Darko Milovanovic - Gilo pipes (Opened on Jun 06, 2017)
My name is Darko Milovanović. I was born in 1977 in Čačak, Serbia. I make pipes since 2012. I gave the name "Gilo pipes" by the nickname of my son Gavrilo.I came to an idea to make a one pipe for myself after restauring with success few old pipes. As in Serbia there were no other pipemakers wich could introduce me to crafting pipes and as I didn't have any experience how to use necessery tools, I refered to some pipemakers from the region of Ex Yugoslavia: Abi Natur – Canaan pipes, Domagoj Telišman, Daniel Mustran and with their advices and help I made it to make my first pipe. After the first one came the second, third and after every new pipe I made the love to this craft has grovn and as well my experience and by time my hobby turned to additional occupation. I make my pipes of italian briar, olive wood from Montenegro and morta from Serbia, while the material for mouthpieces comes from Germany. Every pipe is unique, completly done by hand using basic tools. I do not have the grading sistem for my pipes because I'm trying to make the pipe of perfect production and material. The price depends on type of the material, difficulty of shape and time neccesery to craft it. I mark my pipes with the stamp “Gilo”.

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Darko Milovanovic - Gilo pipes Other, Serbia Opened on
Jun 06, 2017