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NathanArmentrout California, United States
Armentrout Pipes
Armentrout Pipes
Armentrout Pipes (Opened on Sep 27, 2016)
To me, pipes are the ultimate convergence of the practical (something that comes quite naturally to me) and the artistic (something I have always aspired to but in which I have rarely felt successful) in a way that allows contrasting sides of my personality to come forth. This often shows in my pipes in terms of contrasting textures, colors, materials, etc. I love pipes and I love the feeling that something I have created will bring enjoyment to someone for years, possibly generations to come. Although they are a big part of my life, pipes are actually my third job. Job number one is teaching. I teach eighth grade science and engineering in order to support job number two: being husband and father to my wife and two young twin daughters. Family is of utmost importance to me and one of the unique things about pipes and pipe culture is the transcendence of generational barriers and the fondness many of us have for memories of pipe smoking family members of our past. Even non-pipe smokers often have those same fond memories. These memories are something that I enjoy passing on to my daughters and relish the fact that the same is happening in the families of my customers. My pipe making journey began in late 2009 as a way to pass the time during the late months of my wife’s pregnancy. Those early attempts were crude and uninformed but they did provide a spark that would later stoke a passion for learning everything possible about shapes, designs, tools and aesthetic principles. It’s a journey that I am still happily undertaking and enjoying. I was fortunate to be helped along the way by several pipemakers including Jeff Gracik, Tyler Lane, Ernie Markle and Steve Liskey who were, and still are, incredibly generous with their time, knowledge and vision. One of the great joys of pipemaking is the bonds of friendship formed between different pipemakers and between pipemakers and their collectors. It is truly an honor and a joy to be a part of the pipe community. In addition to pipes, I spend my time on a variety of pursuits including music (both playing and listening), the constant frustration that comes with being an Everton Football Club supporter, brewing beer, enjoying whiskey, building guitars, reading, growing vegetables and learning about whatever random subject has piqued my interest. I always look forward to spending time with my collectors and even just those who want to talk pipes for a little while. If you would like to be a part of my pipe journey, I welcome the opportunity to have a hand in your enjoyment of pipes and pipe tobacco and would love to get one of my pipes in to your smoking rotation.

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Armentrout Pipes California, United States Opened on
Sep 27, 2016