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andrei.kadnikov Gorod Moskva, Russia
Andrei Kadnikov
Andrei Kadnikov
Andrei Kadnikov (Opened on Feb 04, 2017)
In the past I was a rider at the Great Moscow Circus. At the age of thirteen I started working in my father's performance "Acrobats on horseback" later on I became a ring master and a director of one of the leading circus shows in Russia. For two years I served in the cavalry. Almost all the nineties I spent abroad - Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, France and others. I made my first pipe in the summer of 2012. To date making of pipes is the most important business of my life. About those like me thay say "born in sawdust", apparently I'll die in sawdust but in Briar one.

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Andrei Kadnikov Gorod Moskva, Russia Opened on
Feb 04, 2017